About Douglas M. Brooks


Douglas M. Brooks is a lawyer based in Brookline, Massachusetts.  For close to 40 years Mr. Brooks has litigated a wide variety of civil cases nationwide, including matters involving multilevel marketing (MLM), franchising, dealerships and product distribution, as well as securities, antitrust and consumer protection class actions.

Experience with MLM Schemes:

Mr. Brooks has substantial experience representing the victims of fraudulent and deceptive MLM schemes. He has represented MLM distributors in class actions in state and federal courts.  He has also represented whistleblowers in SEC actions involving MLM companies.

Mr. Brooks has worked pro bono for a number of non-profit organizations involved in the effort to educate and protect consumers from deceptive and fraudulent MLM schemes, including Pyramid Scheme Alert (www.pyramidschemealert.org), the Consumer Awareness Institute (www.MLM-thetruth.com), Quackwatch (www.quackwatch.com and www.mlmwatch.org), MLM Survivor (www.mlmsurvivor.com), and the Cult Education Institute (www.culteducation.com).  On a number of occasions Mr. Brooks’ pro bono work has involved defending consumer advocates and web site operators who were sued or threatened by MLM firms.

Since 1995 Mr. Brooks has participated in various rule-making proceedings by the Federal Trade Commission in which he has argued for disclosure and conduct regulation of the MLM industry.

Mr. Brooks is frequently interviewed and quoted in the media concerning MLM issues.  He was featured in the award winning documentary Betting on Zero, in which he was filmed representing a group of Herbalife distributors who were objecting to a class action settlement.

More information about Mr. Brooks’ background and experience is available here.