Resources About MLM & Pyramid Schemes

            This section contains lists of books, articles and other materials that may be of interest to people researching Multi-Level Marketing (MLM).  Some of these sources deal explicitly and entirely with MLM or “direct selling”, some deal with MLM only tangentially, while others do not mention MLM but address topics that may be of interest to MLM researchers, such as financial scams, con games and con artists, behavioral economics or cults.   Most of the sources are critical but I have included a smattering of writings by proponents of MLM.

            This section is in five parts.  Part I is a list of books about MLM or related scams, as well as books dealing with behavioral economics, cults or other issues potentially of interest to MLM researchers.   Part II is a list of academic articles addressing various aspects of MLM.   Part III is a list of MLM court decisions, expert witness reports and other important court and regulatory agency documents.  Part IV is a list of non-print works – documentaries, podcasts, videos, blogs and websites – which address MLM in a variety of ways.  Part V is a highly idiosyncratic list of con artists in literature. 

            Many thanks to Robert F. Fitzpatrick for book suggestions, and to Stacie Bosley and Claudia Groß for suggestions on academic articles.   All errors are entirely my own.